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Client Profile

Origin is the leading Australian integrated energy company spanning from gas exploration and production to power generation and energy retailing.  In Australia, Origin has 4.4 million customers, it is the largest energy retailer and is responsible for around 13 per cent of Australia’s electricity generation.  Through a 37.5 per cent interest in Australia Pacific LNG, Origin is seeking to develop one of Australia’s largest coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects.  Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) is a joint venture between Origin Energy Pty Ltd (Origin) and ConocoPhillips (COP).  Located in Queensland, Australia Pacific LNG is currently the largest CSG producer in Australia and is expected to play an important role in delivering cleaner sources of energy to Asia.

Australia Pacific LNG Project, is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project delivering a cleaner, greener sustainable energy source.


Our Challenge

To realise its’ proven coal seam gas (CSG) reserves, APLNG will develop a CSG to liquefied natural gas (LNG) project (the APLNG Project), which includes both Upstream and Downstream elements. Origin will be responsible for the upstream component of the project on behalf of APLNG.

The APLNG Upstream Phase 1 Project (the Upstream Project) comprises of six Sub-Projects:  drilling and completions, gathering and development, gas field facilities, pipelines, electrification, water solutions.


Our Solution

MRS is providing consulting services for the implementation of the Corporate and Project Management Systems as well as Audits and advice on improvements for the Data and Document Management Systems.

To support the project MRS is also providing a number of Contract QA/ QC personnel to support the Supplier Quality Surveillance (SQS) Team as well as QA/QC Management Personnel across the project involving major packages such as pipelines, gas field facilities and associated work.

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My experience working with MRS is like nothing that i had before, the support that i have received from MRS team is wonderful, I feel part of a big family.  Working on APLNG project was a great experience for me, professionally and personally.  Thanks MRS.

Effie K.

I was recruited to current project through Danny O’Donnel , Who was honest and straightforward from the beginning, which I have found rare in recruitment previously, and since signing on for 12 months on the APLNG project I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jacqui Stuart who has continued to provide support including fixing up the occasional invoice mistake by myself!, and who i would consider an asset to “MRS”.  I continue to enjoy the role and hope it continues into the future.

Mike E.

I’ve been truly happy with MRS’s support. Perfect timing responding to emails and always been paid on time.  Jacqui Stuart and Alan Wiley in particular have been doing a fantastic job.

Ali A.

MRS have provided great support with my at times very demanding role and also consistently assisting my recruitment needs with quality applicants, providing personalised yet professional assistance as required. I look forward to my continued engagement with MRS.

Neil S. Quality Manager

MRS’s provision of high quality staff in the area of Quality Assurance and Control on our project has enabled our Project delivery team to concentrate on construction rather than quality of the products provided. The net result being efficiency “on the ground” and time and cost savings on the overall project.

Nick M. Quality Manager

Deservedly, MRS has a reputation for prompt and accurate payment of invoices, which is important to contractors, supported by pleasant and helpful staff.  Added to this is their obvious dedication to the company – try ringing Jacqui at 6:30 in the morning – it means the S in MRS also stands for Service, Support and Sincerity.

Terry A QA Coordinator for Completions and Handover

With the opportunity provided by MRS, I have taken in new experiences, formed new friendships and tackled different challenges in a new industry that is the Oil & Gas (previous is infrastructure). The last year has seen me grow, enhancing my skills and developing new ones. I can see me being involved in this industry for a prosperous future. Thanks MRS.


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